The Top 5 Forklift-Related OSHA Violations

The Top 5 Forklift-Related OSHA Violations

Unsafe Operation

Some of the most common reasons for a citation are driving with an elevated load, driving too fast and too close to platform edges, and not following loading dock safety procedures.

Failure to Provide Refresher Training

Forklift operators must receive refresher training every three years or sooner if they are involved in an accident, or when reported for reckless behavior. Forklift operators may also require additional training when asked to operate a different class of forklift, or if changes in the workplace have introduced new hazards.

Missing or Inadequate Operator Certification

All forklift operators must have an OSHA-approved forklift certification for the class of forklift they operate.

Failure to Remove Unsafe Forklifts From Service

Whenever a forklift is found to be defective, in need of repair, or in any way unsafe, the forklift must be taken out of service until it is restored to a safe operating condition.

No Pre-Operation Inspection

All forklifts must undergo inspection to ensure the safety of the operator and detect minor issues before they become expensive repairs.