How to Choose the Right Scissor Lift for Your Next Job

Scissor lifts get their name from the scissor design of the lift supports that unfold and fold back as the lift is raised and lowered. Scissor lifts are useful for raising and lowering heavy loads or workers, and their stable design allows the lift platform to be raised directly above the base. These lifts provide […]

Essential Gear to Keep Your Workers Safe on the Job

Construction is a hazardous job, and every day workers risk serious injury or even death on the job site. Using the correct gear is essential to ensuring the safety of your crew. With the proper safety gear you can put your mind at ease knowing that your workers remain safe while on the job. There […]

Why Renting an Aerial Lift Can Benefit Your Business

Aerial lifts are beneficial for a variety of jobs, ranging from routine maintenance work to more complex tasks. For many companies, working at heights is a core part of their normal operation. Having easy access to an aerial lift is essential and can provide numerous benefits for your business. Shafer Equipment Company in Chambersburg, PA […]

Face Mask Guidelines on Job Sites

The CDC has stated that COVID-19 spreads primarily via transmission of respiratory droplets from person to person. They recommend that all individuals over the age of two wear a cloth face mask in public settings where social distancing measures are difficult to achieve. With the possibility of asymptomatic virus carriers, cloth face masks have become accepted as an important measure for preventing the spread of COVID-19.

OSHA recognizes that cloth face masks can be an important protective measure in preventing the spread of COVID-19, but also provide some caveats for construction industry employees […]

The Importance of Certified Operators on the Job Site

Having certified equipment operators on the job site can benefit your company in many ways. Operators that have proper training on the equipment they operate are not only safer, but can help your bottom line through increased productivity. They account for more efficient shifts and less time and money lost. When you make safety and training a top priority, your company will attract and retain quality employees.

Your company can limit its exposure to workplace hazards when your crew of workers are trained on machine maintenance, proper operation and safety practices. This can significantly reduce or eliminate on-site accidents and injuries while keeping group health insurance costs low […]

The Top 5 Forklift-Related OSHA Violations

Unsafe Operation

Some of the most common reasons for a citation are driving with an elevated load, driving too fast and too close to platform edges, and not following loading dock safety procedures.

Failure to Provide Refresher Training

Forklift operators must receive refresher training every three years or sooner if they are involved in an accident, or when reported for reckless behavior. Forklift operators may also require additional training when asked to operate a different class of forklift, or if changes […]